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8 Self-Love Tips

8 Self-Love Tips

We give and receive love from so many people in our lives that sometimes we forget our most important loved one — OUR SELF! When’s the last time you thanked your body, mind and soul for all it gives you every day? Or wrote a love letter to yourself, acknowledging all of the things you appreciate about you?… Stop for a second. Look in the mirror right now and say “DAMNNNN you look GOOD today!”

Hopefully many of you are already regularly taking part in self-loving activities like the ones mentioned above; but we all know it’s not always easy. With so many societal standards being pushed onto the collective to look, act, and appear a certain way, we sometimes pay more attention to what we think we don’t have (according to unrealistic & superficial standards) rather than pouring energy into love and appreciation for the self.

On the topic of Self-Love, we talked to Raye from our 888 Collective Community and she shared some great insight on what has helped her most through her “raw and radical self-love journey”.

                     8 Tips For Loving You More

Keep reading to learn more about Raye’s Self-Love Tips…

Saying Affirmations

We have all absorbed negative words & thoughts about ourselves, especially about our bodies. For a long time, society & media portrayed one beauty standard. If we don’t consciously unpack and reprogram our brains, then those thoughts will continue to play over and over. Saying affirmations is a way to rewire your brain. “I am beautiful. My body is strong. My body deserves kindness. I will not compare myself to other bodies. I will not listen to negative voices in my head. My current self is enough.” Look yourself in the mirror and speak life into you!

Moving Your Body

For a long time, I felt like exercise was the enemy. Turns out, I was just doing sh*t I didn’t like. Don’t box yourself in. Just get up and move in a way that feels good for you, that makes you say “DAMN! I’m strong, and I’m sexy while doing it.” That may be yoga (which is also great for inner healing) or it may be dancing & twerking to your favorite songs. Some people enjoy lifting weights, while others would rather go hiking. Whatever you like to do, do it. Honor yourself and get those endorphins flowing! 

Fueling Your Body

Because I was a plus size child, I was shamed of my weight constantly. I remember being put on a “diet” very early, and battled disordered eating for a long time… until I realized that food is not the enemy. When I rejected #dietculture, I found the freedom to enjoy food, eat well and nourish my STRONG body!

Getting Dressed
(in clothes that make YOU feel good)

I know, I know- we are in the middle of a pandemic, and nobody is going anywhere but just hear me out. I couldn’t love my body until I could SEE my body, and that required me to come out of my oversized tshirt and sweatpants every single day. I was taught to wear bigger clothing so nobody would see my “fat.” Turns out, I was covering up my curves!! Wear clothing that you feel comfortable in, and that make you do a double take in the mirror at your SELF!!! Which leads me to my next tip...

Wearing Sexy Lingerie (or whatever makes you feel sexy)

LISTEN! There is nothing like putting on a lace set, some music, lighting a candle and getting sexy for YOU! It is OK to be sexy. It is OK to embrace and explore your sexuality. Get ya freak on. 

Taking Pictures of Yourself

Many of us instantly shy away from the camera if we feel like we have “work to do.” NO, the key to loving you -- is loving ALL of you. Take pictures of yourself, look at your current self and repeat your affirmations over the picture. Cancel out any negative self talk that tries to come up. Bonus if you take pictures in your lingerie….

Raising Your Vibration

Change up your timeline. If all you see is people that make you feel “less than” or like you aren’t enough. Unfollow them. Find people to follow that are #bodyPositive and normalize normal bodies!!!


My last tip is to seek help if you need it, and don’t feel ashamed at all. Most of us have body “issues” that didn’t start yesterday. Sometimes, we need professional help to overcome years of repeating patterns. I know I did! That is 100% okay and you deserve the support as you journey to loving your full self!

“8 Tips for Loving Yourself 100% Unapologetically” Written By:

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Raye Thomas

I realized that growing up #plussize I was taught (directly and indirectly) that my body wasn’t desirable. That I should be ashamed of it until I was “smaller.” Not to wear anything that “clings to you” and I always had to wear shirts that FULLY covered up my breasts... like I used to walk around with safety pins in my shirt to be sure I was fully covered 🙄

I was taught to hide my body so much between growin up plus size + purity culture + modesty culture that I didn’t even know what there was to like about it or how to dress in clothes that made me feel good in my skin.

But, ya girl is finding her way. So... you gone get these crop tops, wrap shirts and skirts. Cuz I like looking in the mirror and being happy to see me

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