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"Every chapter of our lives, requires a different version of ourselves"

888 Process 

In divine timing of transformation. Zzeal has rebranded to 888 Process.  The ♾️ is a beautiful reminder that transformation is a lifelong journey. Each 8 represents mind, body, and spirit. Everyday we can change our lives in 8 minutes three times a day. 888 Collective  is a group of creators from all walks of life dedicated to their personal transformation. When we transform and heal ourselves, we can bring that light to all those we meet along our journey. We are in this together. So honored to share this new home with you all. On April 30th Friday 1-2pm pst, we will be hosting our first 888 Masterclasstheme will be around Transformation. Each of us will share with us their 8's ( mind, body, spirit) what has helped you along your journey. We are all on this path together, and may we continue to show up for each other. Love you FAM! Cheers to transformation and new beginnings.
- Charles Chen

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